miért népszerűek a koreai kozmetikumok

Why are Korean cosmetics, K-beauty and the 10 step korean skincare routine popular?

If you want to know about the latest beauty trends and you are interested in the newest cosmetic products, start your research in South-Korea. Korean cosmetics are unknown by many but they are gaining popularity in Hungary too!

The numbers don’t lie: South Korea’s cosmetic industry is thriving and Korean cosmetics are taking over the world!

South Korea is one of the top 10 beauty markets in the world and further growth is predicted for the coming years. The Korean cosmetics are not only popular in their origin country but there is a growing interest for them in Hungary and in many western markets too.  In 2015, the cosmetics industry in South Korea grew by 19.6 per cent compared to the previous year. This results in further research and development in the cosmetics industry and possibly, the emergence of new Korean brands that will be able to achieve international recognition. A decade ago Western cosmetic brands were the norm but thanks to the growing international popularity of K-pop and K-beauty, the export of cosmetic products from Korea to the US more than doubled between 2014 and 2016 (total growth of 143 %).

High-tech with traditions: the research industry surrounding Korean cosmetic products

The K-beauty phenomenon isn’t just a shopping craze where people splurge on any skincare product that promises everlasting youth. Appearance and beauty are deeply rooted in the Koreans’ everyday culture. In addition to the importance of one’s look, the South Korean cosmetic industry is very much research-driven. New, innovative cosmetic products and brands are launched constantly and you can always find something new under the sun. You have probably heard of sheet masks or some of the unconventional ingredients typical in Korean cosmetics that you wouldn’t find in western skincare products: snail slime, egg white or pig collagen.

Check your facts, don’t be fooled by misleading cosmetics campaigns!

Today’s customers less frequently fall for over photoshopped marketing campaigns or at least many of them raise an eyebrow if they see one. Nowadays people research the product before purchasing, they often read the ingredients list or watch video tutorials and product testings which can be extremely helpful. This creates a market with educated consumers and sharpens the competition between organizations in order to satisfy their growing needs.

Do you agree as well? Luckily, Korean skincare brands focus on achieving porcelain-like skin that is healthy and doesn’t require makeup to be radiant. The goal is to reach the best natural version of your skin.

I hope that learning about Korean skincare products not only attracts your curiosity but you will also give a try to Minji cosmetics’ products and experience the Korean skincare culture first-hand.

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