Washable face pads


100% natural cotton cleansing pads to help make your everyday become environmentally conscious. Each pack contains 3 pads.

(530 Ft/piece)



100% cotton, washable face pads for the environment!

Choose a waste-free, green solution instead of disposable cotton pads: washable face pads by Minji cosmetics! Have you ever thought about how many cotton pads or wet wipes you use a week? Quite a lot of waste is generated by regular and thorough face cleansing but with the new Minji reusable pads, you can replace your disposable products. Get rid of the synthetic disposable cotton pads permanently, order a pack of washable face pads and you will no longer have to choose between smaller and larger packages of cotton pads! In the long run, you can save money with washable face pads and by using them, you can reduce environmental pollution and waste because the discs can be reused over many years.

3 cleansing pads made of textile

Made from a blend of environmentally friendly bamboo and cotton, so the pads don’t contain synthetic textiles. Perfectly removes makeup and dirt while being gentle on the skin. Unlike other washable face cleaning pads, Minji pads are incredibly soft and long-lasting. They do not irritate or hurt the skin, even the hem is sewn with a cotton thread to make the face pads 100% natural. Due to its fine material, it can be used safely around the eyes and on sensitive skin too.

  • 100% natural material ?
  • 70% Bamboo – 30% Cotton ?
  • 100% vegan ?
  • 100% recyclable ♻️
  • 100% skin-friendly ?
  • 100% organic

Very long-lasting, these pads can be used up to 800-1000 times. Don’t throw them in the trash afterwards, as they can be composted.

How to use the reusable face pads:

You can use it with a cleansing oil, gel or foam. They can be used not only for facial cleansing but also for toner application. It can perfectly remove everyday makeup or you can use it to clean your face of excess sebum and dirt at the end of the day. After you have finished, wash the pad with lukewarm water and a little soap in case of stubborn dirt. Then allow it to dry to prevent the growth of pathogens. Sometimes it is worth washing them in a washing machine at 30-40 ° C. The pads have a diameter of 8 cm. Each pack contains 3 pads.

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