Christmas K-Beauty Box

27,990Ft 20,990Ft

Special Christmas gift package in limited edition! The package includes 3 sheet masks, 1 facial massage roller, 1 cosmetic bag and 2 full-size Korean cosmetics.

Perfectly packed, tied with a bow and with FREE SHIPPING!

(on sale: 16,799 Ft/package)

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Discover the limited Christmas K-Beauty Box from Minji cosmetics!

The Christmas K-Beauty Box is a selection of Korean cosmetics in sophisticated Christmas packaging. The perfect gift under the tree or even delivered straight to your loved one.

The beauty box will arrive perfectly wrapped, tied with a bow, ready to give as a Christmas gift. What is more, shipping is free for this product!

Not sure what to put under the tree or you’ve decided to surprise yourself with a long-coveted beauty box? This special Christmas gift package can be the best surprise, as it is full of pampering, magical, premium cosmetics! Order now!

Give the gift of relaxation!

This beauty box contains not only skincare products but also relaxation itself! Give your loved one 15 minutes of rest while applying a sheet mask and a few minutes of relaxation in the evenings while massaging their face with a jade roller. Who doesn’t want pampering, relaxation and wellness at home? The Christmas K-Beauty Box has cosmetics that you can use to perform a multi-step facial routine, create an at-home spa treatment or simply relax for a few minutes while you concentrate on your skincare routine.

A gift box with products to keep your skin hydrated, renewed and refreshed

Korean cosmetics are perfect for those who want to provide the best care for their skin, for those who find conscious skincare important and want to achieve the best state of their skin. The products contain inspected ingredients, they are free of harmful ingredients and allergens. The gift package can be the perfect surprise for the female members of the family or any friends this Christmas!

The Christmas K-Beauty Box contains:

Full-size Korean cosmetics, no product samples, no travel-sized products!

Moisturizing Korean toner with calendula extract. Tiny flower petals float in the liquid, which dissolve when gently massaged into the skin.

Nourishing serum with cocoa extracts and hyaluronic acid. It is the perfect solution for dry or dehydrated skin.

It heals, soothes, hydrates. Contains special Asian herbs and Aloe extract.

Dual-function sheet mask: AHA’s exfoliating content removes dead skin cells and its hyaluronic acid content hydrates the skin.

Pamper your skin with a lavender sheet mask so you can fall asleep more easily and hydrate your skin properly at the end of a long day.

It reduces puffiness and tightens the skin, relaxes muscles, relieves tension and stimulates facial skin circulation.

Comfortable, easy-to-wash toiletry bag, great size to keep your favourite cosmetics with you at all times.