at-home skincare during quarantine

Skincare at home during quarantine, DIY style

Skincare is equally as important during home quarantine as in any other month of the year. The challenges of the coronavirus might have a good effect on our skin because we have more free time for self-care, air pollution has decreased and most of us wear less makeup. Since beauty salons are forced to take a break, we have to figure out how to create your own at-home beauty salon. What does face care at home mean, what do you need to keep your skin healthy and what are the steps of an at-home beauty treatment? Listen to the following advice and substitute your beautician with your own hands and a few new premium cosmetics!

Skincare at home, where do I start?

First, check your own little quarantine to see what you have. Your daily cleanser and moisturizer will be perfect for the next few days, but if you want to imitate a cosmetic treatment at home, you will need more products and some of your creativity too!

Sheet mask: you new best friend!

Sheet masks will be of great help to you, as these Korean cosmetics will simplify your at-home facial treatment. In 15 minutes, your complexion will become as hydrated and radiant as if you were just walking out of a beauty salon. It is worth stocking up on them (you know, as you did with toilet paper and flour!) and using them 1-2 times a week.

Serums and ampoules for extra treatment

You will need something more for an at-home treatment in order to give your skin a little extra boost. The perfect choice for this is an ampoule or serum. These cosmetics contain concentrated ingredients and you can do wonders with them. I recommend everyone the Royal Vita Propolis 33 ampoule, which is full of beneficial vitamins and various honey extracts for the skin, the benefits of which I believe everyone is familiar with. This ampoule is the jackpot of Korean cosmetics: it brightens the skin, has anti-ageing, cell-renewal properties and provides excellent hydration.

Step by step skincare at home

You cannot escape the daily cleansing of your face, only because you are not leaving your apartment! We may not be exposed to as much air pollution, but your skin produces a constant amount of sebum, whether you’re at home or at work. By the end of the day, your skin may become sweaty and dust in the apartment will also sit on the skin surface. Don’t change your daily cleansing routine and now that you have more free time, you can also try double cleansing! Numerous dermatologists and beauticians recommend this cleansing method and it is beneficial for all skin types and your skin will surely be grateful for it!

After cleansing, tone your skin to restore the skin’s natural pH and have it absorb the moisturizing ingredients of the toner. Now your face is exactly like a damp sponge and can’t wait to absorb the better and better cosmetics. If you haven’t heard of the “7 skin” trend, click here to find out why you should apply multiple layers of toner to your face!

Now is the time for essences, serums and ampoules mentioned above! This can be the most exciting part of your skincare routine as you can choose from so many cosmetics targeting different skin problems! Choose a product that’s main ingredient solves your skin problem.

Ha az arcbőröd megkívánja, akkor folytatsd otthoni arcápolásodat egy fátyolmaszkkal. 15 percre helyezz fel egy maszkot, ez kitűnő alkalom arra is hogy kikapcsolódj, meditálj vagy átmasszírozd bőrödet egy arcmasszírozó rollerrel! Ne feledkezz meg a nyakadról és a dekoltázsról sem, hiszen itt is nagyon vékony a bőr, ami megfelelő figyelmet igényel.

As always, the last step in a skincare routine is a moisturizer. Almost everyone uses facial cream(s) and you should never skip this step! If you do not lock in the hydration previously applied to your skin, you have wasted your precious time because your skin will not retain the active ingredients of the previous cosmetics. Always use a moisturizer, even if you feel that your skin doesn’t want it because it is shiny and greasy, in which case you should choose a light moisturizer that does not leave an oily feeling. The perfect choice for you is the Cacao Moist and Mild cream or Real Floral Rose cream.

At-home spa as if it was done by a beautician!

When the time comes to visit your favourite beautician but you are not able to do so because of the coronavirus pandemic, then take things in hand and revive what happens at the beauty salon.

Skincare at home, step one

skincare at home minji cosmetics

My first tip for an at-home facial is to do it after a long shower or hot bath. During this time, your skin will soften and impurities will become looser. This has the same effect as a cosmetic steamer.

Cleanse your skin using your favourite face cleanser. Be thorough and take your time to cleanse your face.

Next up, use an exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells. If you do not have a chemical exfoliator, such as the Tea Tree Purifine 70 toner on hand, stick to a physical exfoliator. Please do not reach for ground coffee or sugar as these are too coarse and you can make microscopic cuts on your skin! Instead, look for the softest towel you can find, make it damp and use this to massage your skin with a gentle, circular motion.

Pamper your skin with premium cosmetics

The simplest yet great cosmetic ingredient is rose water. If you keep at home with a little bottle, you can use it instead of a toner, it will brighten and hydrate your skin! Try out Nacific’s bestsellers, the Real Floral products with real flower petals and rosewater. Apply the toner first and the moisturizer at the end of your treatment.

For acne-prone skin, tea tree extract will help greatly, try the Tea Tree Purifine 95 Essence, which not only treats acne because of its antibacterial properties but also has a moisturizing and soothing function.

If a facial treatment is possible at home, then there is an at-home wrinkle care treatment too! Have you heard of snail secretion filtrate? Originated from Korea, this ingredient became a world-wide phenomenon a few years ago. This popular ingredient immediately stole the beauty lovers’ hearts. It is a miraculous ingredient that is full of nutrients for the skin, contains glycolic acid which exfoliates and promotes cell renewal, and also contains hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin. If you haven’t tested this ingredient yet, now is the time to try out the Snail Bee High Content toner and moisturizer! These are the best choices if you want to say goodbye to wrinkles!

Face massage: by your hands or with a face roller

Massage is one of the oldest health treatments and has a significant role in preserving youth and beauty. Massage has many positive effects: it accelerates the physiological process of the connective tissue of the skin, accelerates the flow of breakdown products and nutrients from and to the tissues and improves blood circulation in the skin, which improves the functioning of the cells.

Whether you want to pamper your skin with your hands or using a face roller, always follow these rules:

  • Do not pull your skin, don’t massage your skin dry! Use a serum or face cream.
  • Always perform massaging movements up and out of the face!
  • Do not use too much force, be gentle on your skin, be careful!

If you are using a jade roller or rose quartz roller, keep the face massager in the fridge or freezer for extra firming effect. This will reduce puffiness, under-eye circles and sagging skin.

At-home massage techniques that you can easily learn

1. The first and easiest way of an at-home face massage is smoothing. Gently smooth your hands over your face, distributing the applied cosmetics. Perform this smoothing motion on your forehead sideways, right to left, using your palms, and on your face from chin to temple.

2. The next massage technique is also easy to master. You need to gently rub the face with your fingertips using small circular movements. All you have to do is use your index and middle fingers to make small circular motions and draw almost a spiral on your skin. You can do this movement from the nose to the temples on the cheekbone, from chin to ear on the jawbone, from the eyebrow to the top of the forehead, or using 1 finger on the sides of the nose.

How to massage your skin
How to massage your skin –

3. Simple but still very pleasant feeling is the imitation of playing on a piano. Gently tap your face with your fingertips, one after another. Start with your pinky finger in order to massage from the inside out. You can do this massaging movement between the chin and the under-eye area, relaxing the muscles of the cheeks and also on your forehead.

Skincare at home in summary:

  • Pay proper attention to regular facial cleansing to maintain the health of your skin!
  • Choose chemical exfoliators over physical ones, but if you want to use a physical exfoliator, do not use coffee or sugar, rather use a towel to gently rub your skin.
  • Choose cosmetics that are high in active ingredients and not only consist of water, preservatives and perfume. All Minji Cosmetics products are high quality and made of certified ingredients, your skin will be grateful for using Korean cosmetics!
  • The secret to at-home skincare is massaging: learn a few face massage movements or simply use a face roller!!

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