True K-beauty sheet masks

K-beauty products are truly recognizable by two things: the infinite adoration of sheet masks and their clean, beautiful, often cute packaging. The PACK-age brand has perfectly mastered these two qualities and is producing masks that have captivating cases. Their products are recognizable by their cute and clean packaging that are created by contracted illustrators.
This brand specializes in masks and as their name suggests: they provide packages, little bundles of gifts for their customers.

PACK-age Korean masks

It is important that the list of ingredients will certainly make every beauty expert very happy. Not only do they contain gentle and effective ingredients, but they also omit the dangerous ones!
Company Mission: Creating a mask pack brand of the consumer, by the consumer, for the consumer.
They create their products with customers, and anyone can participate in the product plan process. Their motto is "a brand made by customers".

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