Minji cosmetics aims to promote Korean cosmetics and good skincare practices. I hope you also get the urge to try Korean beauty products and take your skincare routine to a new level with the following beauty tips.

Why is Korean skincare good?

Good looks and beauty are deeply rooted in the everyday culture of Koreans. It is important for them that their skin is healthy, radiant and flawless even without makeup, which is why it is worth following their practices and trends. If you also want beautiful-looking and youthful skin, you should start your research in South Korea.

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10-step skincare routine

You may have come across the term: Korean 10-step skincare routine. They indeed have a thorough routine, they are the masters of cosmetic layering and know exactly in what order and what active ingredients are worth applying. Over the past decade, the Korean skincare routine has changed the lifestyle of skincare lovers. Anyone who tries the multi-step routine has a hard time returning to the previous, poorer procedure. The reason for this is that not only does a more thorough routine have a beneficial effect on our skin, but it also affects your soul, helping calm down and reduces everyday stress.

Learn more about the 10 steps!

You might as well try the 10-step Korean routine if you crave healthy, radiant-looking facial skin. When you have some free time in the evening, dive into the world of facials! A positive outcome is guaranteed, relaxation is unquestionable.

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7 skin method

The 7 skin method is one of the Korean facial care practices. During the procedure, you fill your skin with moisture and all you need for it is one cosmetic product. It can be used safely on all skin types: it moisturizes oily skin without clogging pores or using oily creams, and those with dry skin can achieve a moisturizing effect like with no other method. The essence of the 7 skin method is that after cleansing the face, you apply 7 layers of toner and tap it in the skin with your hands. This method allows you to quickly and efficiently deliver moisture to your skin. It can be especially beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin, but this procedure makes all skin types radiant.

Learn more about the 7 skin method!

Find out why this Korean skincare practice is effective, how layering a cosmetic affects your skin. If you read the article, you will also learn how to correctly perform the 7 skin layer method and what mistakes to avoid.

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Snail Bee High Content toner


Double cleansing

One of the cornerstones of Korean skincare is double-cleansing. This procedure is recommended by estheticians and dermatologists as it effectively cleanses the skin, prepares it for hydration and protects it from acne. An oil-based cleanser is required as the first step, and a water-based cleanser is required as a second step. Consecutive use ensures 100% purity of the skin. If you didn’t know so far, a number of celebrities regularly use this method: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Meghan Markle, and Kerry Washington are also regular double cleaners.

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Washable face pads

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In the world of beauty, slugging means applying a thick layer of petrolatum or Vaseline to the skin that resembles the slimy coating of a slug on the skin surface. Like many other trends, slugging comes from the world of Korean skincare. During slugging, an occlusive protective layer is created on the skin surface, strengthening the skin’s barrier function and preventing the skin from losing moisture. This practice is especially recommended for those who have dry or dehydrated skin. Did you know that Martha Stewart also uses this technique, who can easily deny her age because of her youthful facial skin?

I tried slugging out!

Read my experience on the blog! I was convinced by the results and to this day I regularly use the slugging method. If you are hesitant about Vaseline, you can try beeswax instead. This ingredient also creates a waterproof layer on the skin surface and ensures skin breathability.