minji cosmetics

Why was Minji cosmetics created?

Minji cosmetics was created to import and retail cosmetic products from East-Asia that are yet unknown or unpopular in the Hungarian and European market.

Another purpose of this business is a blog which promotes Asian skincare trends and educates customers about skincare tips and tricks related to unique ingredients, different brands and many more.

Who is behind minjicosmetics.com?

My name is Viktoria Agnes Nagy, entrepreneur and the operator and owner of this site. I had a dream, although not a detailed, perfectly outlined dream, but at the end of 2018, I started to focus entirely on this goal.

What my mom taught me

I’ve always enjoyed shopping online and I developed an interest in skincare at an early age. Following my mother’s advice, I’ve been regularly cleaning and nourishing my face hoping that prevention is more effective than addressing already existing problems. Luckily, I didn’t have many problems with my skin as a teenager, although I experienced how hard it is to remove makeup effectively after aerobics and dance performances. At the end of high school, I experienced the challenges of severe acne and it took me years to treat entirely. Following the victory over my pimples, my skin has been dry/dehydrated recently which can turn into problematic type as soon as I become a little lazy with my skincare routine.

Thanks to these experiences, I wanted to work with skincare products that solve everyday challenges and help different skin conditions. My biggest motivation was that all drugstores carried relatively the same products, anywhere I went I found the same brands and I only saw their advertisements. In contrast, I found out about more and more Asian brands so I started researching them. During my university studies, used my research skills not only for essays but for learning more about the science of Asian skincare products, K-beauty, J-beauty and the South-Korean beauty industry.

How did it all start?

Becoming an entrepreneur didn’t come as a surprise since my parents and my brother stands before me as examples. After graduation, in the second half of 2018, I grabbed an opportunity and applied for a fund by the Europan Union that supports young entrepreneurs starting their businesses.

The webshop started its operations in August 2019 following more than 6 months’ planning, preparation and organization. Currently, I focus all my time and energy on minjicosmetics.com and I look forward to the future.

The mission of Minji cosmetics

The primary goal of my business is to make Korean and Japanese skincare products and procedures popular in Hungary. I want Asian cosmetics brands to be present in the bathrooms of Hungarian consumers, I want them to consciously seek Korean facial treatments so that everyone can achieve beautiful, healthy and youthful skin like most Korean and Japanese women.

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I hope you enjoy spending time on the website either as a reader of the blog or as a customer of my products.

As a small business, the biggest challenge for me is to promote the company, so I would be more than grateful if you shared minjicosmetics.com with your friends and family!