2020-ban várható kozmetikai trendek

Cosmetic trends in 2020

2019 was full of skincare innovations and 2020 will continue to promote new technologies, processes and ingredients. Generally speaking, today’s consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of ingredient lists, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products. These aspects are echoed in skincare trends, let’s see what to expect in 2020!

Gender neutral products

Let’s get rid of the “for women” and “for men” labels!We all have skin and it is more important to be aware of your skin typethan knowing if a product is for a man or for a woman. Your skin doesn’t care if your new face cleanser comes from a baby pink or a deep bluepackage but you should pay close attention to the ingredients! In 2019 more and morecosmetic brands have gotten rid of their “for women-only” or “for men-only” productsand they tend to use more general, more neutral packages. Skincare should be for men as much for women and vice versa!

K-beauty, k-beauty and even more K-beauty

Not only the trends tell us about the popularity of Korean cosmetics, but the numbers prove the same as well, the Korean cosmetics market is growing unstoppable! The Korean cosmetics industry is ranked 8th in the global cosmetics industry with CHF 12.5 billion (approx. HUF 3794 billion). As of March 2018, 31 721 companies are operating in the market, of which 31.7% is skincare. With the spread of K-drama and K-pop, also known as the K-wave, the export of cosmetic products also accelerated, which resulted in the concept of K-beauty.

Cosmetics industry revenue in South Korea until 2019 and estimated for 2020-2023

Rolling stones aka face massage rollers

jade roller

The various facial massaging tools have reached their heyday in 2019 and are likely to remain trendy in 2020. Jade rollers and gua sha massagers are becoming more and more popular and once you try them, you are sure to become addicted. They are extremely diverse, you can choose the healing crystal you need most. Easy to use massage tools and you will see immediate results.

Chemical peels

Many people are afraid of chemical peels; at first glance, the word ‘chemical’ can be frightening for many or some people get lost in the maze of AHA, BHA and PHA. However, this year, almost everyone will hear about them and truly conscious consumers will know exactly what all the rage is about. In South Korea, there is hardly any physical exfoliation in cosmetic treatments and most dermatologists and aestheticians swear by chemical exfoliators. Get to know the most popular ones and jump into the world of chemical peels.

Environment conscious and clean products

There is no doubt that natural beauty, sustainable approach and certified natural cosmetics will continue to be popular in 2020. Currently, many companies are working to achieve that their ingredients not only do good for the customers but for the planet as well. Getting rid of the bad guys, reducing chemicals like parabens and silicone is a priority for all cosmetic brands. In addition, customers expect the ability to choose between environmentally friendly, conscious alternatives. Fortunately, we are seeing more and more green solutions in the cosmetics industry, whether it is washable face pads, recyclable packaging or the preference for organic ingredients.


2020 cosmetics trends Minji cosmetics

If 2019 was the year of hyaluronic acid, 2020 would be of ceramides! Ceramides are lipids found in the skin, a type of fat molecule whose primary purpose is to enhance the skin’s defence mechanism. Imagine ceramides as a binder between bricks, with the bricks symbolizing skin cells. These molecules hold the cells together and make up 50% of the skin, so they play a very important role. They help prevent moisture from escaping the skin and protect it from external stressors such as bacteria or pollution. Like hyaluronic acid, ceramides are naturally produced in the skin, but by the end of our 20s, they are gradually decreasing. Look for these terms in the ingredient list: ceramide AP, EOP, NG, NP, NS, phytosphingosine, sphingosine.


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