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Christmas gift guide

Although Christmas is about love, family, and the warmth of home, we undoubtedly experience stress, tension, and running around during this time of the year. This list full of gift ideas is sure to help!

Giving gifts is an amazing thing, but it can often give you a headache regarding what kind of gift would be appropriate. Giving cosmetics is a great idea as there are specific products for all ages, not to mention that these are wellness products so everyone will most likely be happy with these gifts!

Gifts for teens

The teenage years are full of challenges, problems, and being discontent with our looks. Sooner or later, acne will hit everyone and no one will be happy about their arrival. Do you have a friend or relative whose skin is unbalanced, often with acne or blackheads on her face? Make his or her life easier and give him Benton Cacao Moist and Mild products this Christmas.

The toner doesn’t contain artificial fragrance or alcohol, it is extremely moisturizing and nourishing.

The serum contains a special anti-inflammatory substance, 7 different herbs and more than 80% cocoa extract.

The cream is packed with healthy, nourishing ingredients and leaves no greasy feeling on the skin, which is an important quality for many.

Gifts for travelers

Are you looking for a gift for someone that you can barely meet because the person is travelling all the time? Whether it’s domestic travel, longer or shorter hours on an aeroplane, small packages and space-saving products are a must for all travellers.

An extremely useful product is the sheet mask for those who do not like to use many cosmetics but need to moisturize their skin. With a sheet mask, you can achieve amazing results in 10-15 minutes and your skin will look visibly brighter and more hydrated. Plus, they are compact and convenient, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Another advantageous product category is ampoules. These cosmetics contain extremely concentrated amounts of active ingredients. The main ingredients of Dr Ceuracle Royal Vita Propolis 33 ampoules are propolis, royal jelly, sea buckthorn – also known as vitamin tree extract, vitamins B3 and B5. There is almost everything in this one product that your tired skin might need.

Gifts for those who wear makeup every day

Are you looking for a gift for a friend who’s in love with makeup? Whether it’s just concealer and a little mascara or full-face party makeup, sooner or later you will, unfortunately, need to say goodbye and wash the products off. This can often be a challenge, especially when it comes to waterproof makeup. Have you ever found that you still find leftover makeup after you cleanse your face?

South Korean women have succeeded in perfecting facial cleansing, and it is called double cleansing. This is a 2 step process, first with an oil face cleanser and then a water based cleanser. This process perfectly removes all dirt, waterproof makeup, sunscreen and excess sebum. Recommended by cosmetologists and dermatologists, this cleansing procedure is effective as it cleanses the skin, prepares it for hydration and prevents acne. If that is not convincing enough, many celebrities regularly use this method: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – the youngest American congresswoman, Meghan Markle – Princess of Sussex, Kerry Washington – American actress.

Surprise your makeup addicted friend with a double cleansing starter pack! Now you can buy everything you need for a thorough face cleansing: Dr. Ceuracle Pro Balance Pure Cleansing Oil – 155 ml, Dr. Ceuracle Pro Balance Cream Cleansing Foam – 150 ml and 3 washable cleansing pads made of 100% cotton to help protect the environment.

Gifts for your significant other

Hi guys! Looking for a gift for your girlfriend or wife? In case someone sent you this link I would highly recommend the following products to your attention. ?

What comes to your mind about romance? Roses. How to smuggle roses into your everyday life? With cosmetics containing rose petals or made of rose quartz.

Order the Nacific Real Floral Rose Toner and Air Cream together for cheaper or separately for regular price. One of Nacific’s best sellers is the Real Floral line featuring products with real flower petals in them. These tiny petal pieces get dissolved by light massaging motion so they can be smoothly absorbed into the skin. They infiltrate the skin and deliver natural nutrients to the cells. The fact that real flower petals float in the slightly opaque glass container looks very luxurious and strangely satisfying. These products not only look beautiful but they are also effective, natural and scientifically proven. The toner contains tiny, real rose flower petals and 92% rose water which contains antioxidants that protect the cells from damage. The Real Floral Toner Rose provides a soothing effect, helps to relieve tired and stressed skin and has anti-ageing properties too.

The Rose quartz roller is the perfect tool for de-stressing and creating the most relaxing at-home spa experience. The stone is cool to the touch, especially if stored in the fridge or freezer, so it helps reduce puffiness and firms the skin. The gentle massaging motion relaxes the muscles, relieves tension in the face and increases the blood circulation. It also helps to drain the lymphatic system which is the body’s primary detoxification system. The Rose quartz roller can be used on any skin type: it reduces fine lines, brightens the complexion, depuffs and detoxifies the skin. The rose quartz crystal is also known as the love stone thanks to its lovely pink colour. It is believed to support skin regeneration and skin rejuvenation besides many healing properties.

Gifts for your mom

Our mothers deserve only the best, surprise her with new cosmetics this Christmas! I haven’t met a mom who would have rejected a face cream or youth-preserving product. Mature skin needs more hydration and it is also important to get the right nutrients into the skin. Particularly recommended ingredients are snail slime, hyaluronic acid and fermented ingredients.

The key ingredients of Benton Snail Bee High Content Toner, Cream and Mask are snail mucus, bee venom and niacinamide (Vitamin B3).

Snail slime, which is added to the products in fermented form for perfect absorption, perfectly regenerates the skin, eliminates tiny skin defects and smoothes out wrinkles. Bee venom is a long-used ingredient because of its anti-inflammatory properties and helping imperfections disappear.

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream is a premium eye cream that contains various yeasts, probiotics and ceramides. Not only does it target wrinkles, but it also nourishes and moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes. Free of artificial fragrance, colourant, silicone or other harmful ingredients. Cruelty-free and dermatologically tested.

Minji cosmetics is waiting for you with special gift packages

Do you have difficulties with gift wrapping? Why don’t you buy the products already in Christmas packaging? In December, you can buy gift-wrapped cosmetics at at no extra cost! You will receive the items wrapped in cellophane, wrapped in a lavish bow, and each gift pack includes a Christmas greeting card which is also a 1000 Ft shopping voucher. Check out the gift packages now!