10 skincare mistakes everyone does

10 skincare mistakes everyone does

None of us is perfect but that doesn’t mean our skincare routine can’t be either! Read on for a list of the 10 skincare mistakes that everyone does that are harmful for their skin. Consciously or unconsciously, we all do things that do not benefit our skin, even though we only want to do good with the latest cosmetics or our daily, seemingly harmless habits. These 10 skincare mistakes have not occurred to me for years but ever since I knowingly avoiding them, my skin has undergone a wonderful transformation.

1. You’re doing exfoliation wrong

Exfoliation is an entire scientific department in skincare. It is not surprising, that many people make mistakes during exfoliation: many people overdo it, but there are also some who do not remove dead skin cells at all. There are basically two mistakes people make when it comes to exfoliation.

The first mistake is the amount of exfoliation. Dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend removing dead skin cells 2-3 times a week. If you exfoliate too little, the skin complexion becomes dry and uneven, the pores become clogged and blackheads and acne develop. If you exfoliate too often, it can irritate your skin, make your skin red and sensitive, expose your skin to the sun’s harmful rays, and reduce its natural defence function.

The second mistake is the quality of exfoliating. In Korea, physical exfoliators are almost never used, but unfortunately, scrubs that contain salt, sugar crystals or even synthetic pearls, God forbid coffee grounds are popular in Hungary. Physical scrubs can easily damage the skin, create micro-cuts and can cause very small wounds on the skin surface. In contrast, chemical exfoliators are safer to use and you can choose a chemical exfoliator that will best help you cure the particular skin problem. Try out the Dr.Ceuracle Tea Tree Purifine 70 toner which includes AHA and BHA chemical exfoliators.

2. Tho most popular from the 10 skincare mistakes is facial wipes

The most common of the 10 mistakes people do with their skin is the use of facial wipes. First of all, you cannot cleanse your face thoroughly with a facial wipe. You may remove most of the makeup, but wipe your face with a damp white towel afterwards and you will almost certainly see some makeup residue! Not to mention that you simply can’t remove dust, sebum and tiny dirt molecules, you just spread it around your face with a damp wipe.

Secondly, the use of face wipes is incredibly aggressive and irritating to the skin. Specifically, you pull and rub your skin with a cloth instead of gently massaging a face cleanser and rinsing with water. Rubbing your face and pulling your skin will lead to wrinkles and sagging skin, so be sure to pay attention! Not to mention that almost all face wipes contain large amounts of preservatives, alcohol and/or perfume, which are also harmful to the skin.

Thirdly, it is the most polluting way to clean your face. It is no longer okay to create huge piles of garbage in 2020, and everyone should make environmentally conscious decisions! If you use a face wipe to remove your makeup, you will probably use not one, but two or three, which adds up to 60 to 90 wet wipes a month. You can save tens of packets of facial wipes every year by switching to an environmentally friendly facial cleanser such as double cleansing.

3. You don’t clean the textiles that touch your face

Most people do not pay enough attention to the cleanliness of towels and sheets. It is important that you change your towels regularly if they are not able to dry, that moist, warm environment is the perfect place for bacteria to multiply. I advise you to get some small towels that you only use on your face and wash them often!

What is the other fabric that comes in regular contact with your face? Every day for about 8 hours? The pillowcase. Bedding can be just as a hotbed for bacteria as your towel, and even a pillowcase can get dirty very quickly if you don’t wash your makeup in the evening, you use oils or heavy moisturizers on your face that can soak into the pillowcase too but you may need to change your bedding simply because of night sweats. If you want the best for your skin, get a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent wrinkles and it’s good for your hair as well!

4. The most damaging from the 10 skincare mistakes: You don’t use sunscreen

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You not only have to wear sunscreen when you’re on the beach and sunbathing. The sun will not hold back the harmful rays, even when you are walking in the city, sitting down for a coffee with your friend, or going on a hike. We need to protect our skin from UVA and UVB radiation every day and every season, as these are the external factors that most severely damage the skin. The daily use of sunscreen reduces blackheads, prevents brown spots, protects against sunburn and skin cancer and makes your skin look younger.

“Early skin ageing is the result of repeated and longer-lasting UV rays. About 80% of skin ageing is attributed to ultraviolet radiation.” Read about the relation between hyaluronic acid and UV radiation in the post on hyaluronic acid.

5. Sleeping with makeup on

Farmers don’t sleep in their workwear, nor should you sleep in your makeup! Makeup removal is the foundation of skincare, but many people need to hear the importance of facial cleansing over and over again. The skin regenerates at night, restores and repairs itself while you sleep. If you have makeup on your face in the meantime, there is no way for your skin to renew itself. This will lead to acne, blackheads and your skin will look tired and unhealthy. Nobody wants this, so remove the makeup from your face every time.

6. Picking, touching your face

Usually, our hands are full of bacteria and if you keep touching your face you will transfer these bacteria to your skin. Most people rest their chin in their hand a lot so if you have problems with your skin on your chin or your cheek, try to pay attention to how much you rest your head on your hand. The best part is not to touch your face at all, not only to protect your skin but also to protect yourself from the spread of viruses. It’s hard to master but if you consciously pay attention to it, you will be able to keep your hands away from your face. Another harmful habit for many is popping pimples which usually does more harm than good. Entrust this task to professionals, find a beautician who is capable of resolving the problem under sterile conditions with the right technique.

7. The easiest to change from the 10 skincare mistakes: not drinking enough water

There are many negative effects on the body if you do not drink enough water and these will also show signs on your skin. Drink at least 2 litres of liquid daily, which will have a beneficial effect on the digestive system and will also eliminate toxins from your body faster. Acne and eczema symptoms on your skin will be reduced, circles under your eyes will fade, your skin will be less dry and your complexion will look brighter and more elastic.

8. You don’t use cosmetic products in order

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The world of cosmetic products may seem confusing and incomprehensible at first glance, but taking this simple tip will help you understand the order of products. Unfortunately, it does matter in what order you use the cosmetics and if you make a mistake, that skincare step can become a waste of money. The golden rule is to always move from the thinnest to the thickest product. The full list, by the way, is face cleansing – exfoliating – toner – essence – serum – ampoule – sheet mask – eye cream – face cream – sun cream. Of course, apply as many steps as you need or as much as your time and wallet allow!

9. You use toners wrong

Toner or face tonic? Is there a difference, if yes, what? Traditional western toners or tonics often contain alcohol and strip down the skin’s defensive mechanism, dry it, and generally do more harm than good. However, toners play a completely different role in Korean skincare. Korean facial toners are made of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients (eg rose water, green tea) and not only balance the pH of the skin, but also serve as the first moisturizing cosmetic during the skincare routine.

Particularly recommended for those who have dehydrated or ageing skin, as toners are a very important extra moisturizing step and you can achieve a spectacular effect by using a toner. It’s important that toners are not part of your cleansing routine, so if you wipe your face with a cotton pad soaked in toner and you see makeup on it, you are not cleaning your face properly and you should be more thorough. The purpose of the toner is to restore the skin’s healthy pH-level and hydrate.

Interested in 7 Skin Layer Method? This is a Korean face care trend that requires you to apply toner 7 times and it will make your face super hydrated.

10. You’re impatient

High-quality cosmetics are long term investments. In your 20s and 30s, you need to take care of your skin to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and problems at the ages of 50 and 60. Time can’t be reversed and when you will be retired, I don’t want you to regret not taking the skincare advice in your 20s and ending up looking like a raisin.

Likewise, you need to be patient when you introduce a new skincare product into your routine. It usually takes a few weeks for acne to visibly decrease in numbers when you introduce a new and effective cosmetic. When it comes to reducing skin irritation or wrinkles, you need to use certain products for at least 2 months to achieve noticeable results. The bottom line is, don’t throw away brand new cosmetics if you don’t see any changes after a few days.