K-beauty, snail slime, sheet mask, 10-step skin care routine? Are these terms new to you as well? 

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minji cosmetics

About us

Minji cosmetics was created to import and retail cosmetic products from East-Asia that are yet unknown or unpopular in the Hungarian and European market.

Another purpose of this business is a blog which promotes Asian skincare trends and educates customers about skincare tips and tricks related to unique ingredients, different brands and many more.


 to know about new brands, to try out new products and to read the latest articles about skincare. 

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minji cosmetics

Free delivery in Hungary for orders over 15.000 Ft!

Domestic parcels are delivered by GLS while abroad delivery is done by UPS couriers because they are reliable, fast and flexible. If you order to a Hungarian address, you could receive your order the next day and even in the worst case, delivery will not take more than 3 days.

We know how much you wait for the products to be delivered after placing your order, so we will try our best to have them delivered to you as soon as possible.